The Flick

Winner of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, The Flick by Annie Baker offers up a hilarious and heart-rending cry for authenticity in a fast-changing world. The play revolves around a run-down movie theater in central Massachusetts, where three underpaid employees mop the floors and attend to one of the last 35 millimeter film projectors in the state. Their tiny battles and not-so-tiny heartbreaks play out in the empty aisles, becoming more gripping than the lackluster, second-run movies on screen.

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Bozeman Meets Broadway: One Night of Song with Justin Guarini

Bozeman Meets Broadway: One Night of Song
Featuring Bozeman performers and Broadway veteran and American Idol star Justin Guarini, MC

This one-night-only benefit includes some of Bozeman's finest performers sharing the stage with Broadway veteran Justin Guarini (yes, the very same American Idol star who faced Kelly Clarkson in the finals!).

Proceeds benefit Verge Theater's production of the Tony-winning Broadway musical Fun Home (i.e., will help us pay the live band for the run!).

Life is short. Come on out and ENJOY YOURSELF.


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fundraiserHilary Parker
Flora & Ulysses

This isn't "just" children's theater. This is whole family theater. For one, the script addresses some of the tough moments families go through without flinching or talking down to us. Secondly, its characters are models of resiliency. Flora & Ulysses also isn't short on entertainment. After all, it stars a 10-year-old cynic and a flying squirrel poet (yes, you read that correctly) as they embark on an adventure full of other quirky characters that's bursting with heart!

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Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England

"Dean Wreen is not having a good week. Her college is in dire financial straits and a plan to close its tiny, all-but-forgotten natural history museum is sending unexpected shock waves across campus and out into the local community. At home, her ex-lover, Greer, is staying with her—sending shock waves of a different sort through her relationship with her current (and much younger) girlfriend, Andromeda. Town-gown relations are in tatters! The local newspaper is erupting in protest! Even the awful, historically inaccurate dioramas in the museum have started mouthing off! A screwball sex comedy about the perils of monogamy, certainty, and academic administration."

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We've created a new, interactive, problem-solving adventure for the whole family. We're ever-so-creatively calling it PLAY. When you come to PLAY at Verge, you'll laugh, learn, connect and grow together as you and other families in the theater team up to complete a story as it is being acted out on stage.

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