At Verge Theater, we believe in the power of make-believe! We know that when we play together, we can learn together.

Our kids' classes create a safe and encouraging environment for your children to explore, express themselves, and take creative risks. While participants learn about theater, they also develop social/emotional skills and friendships.

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Musical Theater

Nurture your child's confidence and creativity! In our nine-week musical theater class, participants help create, rehearse, and perform a musical number. Participants not only learn choreography and practice singing, they also create their own unique character and work as a team to write a scene to add to the performance.

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KIDS' Improv

Improv develops communication, problem solving, and literacy skills. Making up a story on the spot encourages kids to trust their ideas and feel like their voice matters! Working with others on stage requires listening and self-regulation. (Plus it is a ton of FUN!) Nurture your child's resilience and imagination with kids' improv at Verge!

Click here to learn more about our improv philosophy!

fall Session

Classes start September 14 and end November 9th with an end-of-class showcase.

Kids are welcome to try a class on the first day before committing to the session!  

Spring instructors: Teresa De Armas (improv) & Danielle Sather (musical Theater)

Classes are held on Saturday mornings at the following times:
Grades K-5: Improv 10am-11am
Grades K-5: Musical Theater 11am-12pm

Registration is full for the fall. Winter registration opens in December.

What our parents have to say...

"The instruction was great, really geared toward beginners." —Parent of a Musical Theater student

"I found this class SO important for helping student think on their feet and learn to be comfortable being silly! I absolutely would have [my daughter] do it again!!"—Parent of an Improv student

"This workshop provided exactly what I wanted for [my daughter]. A chance to experience the stage in a safe environment. She gained confidence and it fueled her passion for theater. How wonderful that her first experience could be a positive one! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We'll be back!" —Parent of a Musical Theater student

" I wouldn't say that my daughter is shy by nature, but over the last year, she's gone from being an obvious extravert, to being pretty introspective and prefers to take in her surroundings before actively engaging in a particular situation. Even though I could sometimes see that she had something to contribute, she still occasionally held back a bit until called upon. Over time (while taking Verge's Kids' Improv class), I saw she was more willing to share and participate, and let go of her constant guard and have fun, and it's my hope that this translates into other areas of her life, such as school. I feel like you guys have something pretty magical and we look forward to participating in future classes — keep up the great work!!!" —Parent of an Improv student

Meet the instructors...