Teen Theater

I learned a lot about being able to make friends with everyone, being able to find similarities I have with other people that could inspire a relationship. I learned many life skills through teen theater."

-Participant, 2017

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In Teen Theater, as with all Verge Theater does, the art we make is guided by our principles of inclusion and creative risk-taking. Teens in this program are accepted for who they are and nurtured as they continue to grow. Teens in our programs are challenged to take risks, to fail, and to learn.  We believe all teens have something important to share with their community, and we believe theater just so happens to be a great space to do so.

Values-Driven Process

Because we value community and collaboration, every teen who registered is guaranteed a role in the show. We work hard to find ensemble shows that offer a learning opportunity for every performer. We play theater games that help us laugh together and feel like a team.

Because we value growth, we try to produce a diversity of plays to which teens are unlikely to have access otherwise, and we focus on the entire process (from the first rehearsal to the last performance) as a valuable opportunity to learn.

When, Where, etc...

  • Teen Theater rehearses Tuesdays-Fridays from 4-6 pm for 6-8 weeks depending on the production. Winter rehearsals begin January 8th.

  • Rehearsals are held in our theater or rehearsal space (Unit G).

  • Tuition is $200 per participant. This tuition pays our fantastic instructors and helps us keep the lights on. We offer payment plans and scholarships!

Winter High school production

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind! by Greg Allen

An ensemble experiment in presenting "30 Plays in 60 Minutes." Each two-minute play is performed in random order with an interactive audience. Come ready to play! An onstage 60-minute timer keeps everyone honest. This collection of 30 comic, tragic, personal, and abstract plays will be unlike any other night at the theater you have experienced!

Director: Jessie Sherman

Stage Manager: Peter Barker

Starring: Marina Adelmann, Abby Doss, Isaac Hall, Duke Huston, Chelsea Jones, Ansel Mills, Peyton Northrop, and Jack Wigert

Thanks to our audiences for a great show!

High school teens in last season's production of  The Government Inspector .  Recent shows include:  The Government Inspector  (2018),  Cowardy Custard  (2018),  Peter/Wendy  (2017),  Twelfth Night Re-imagined  (2016)

Up Next…

Spring Middle school Production

The Great All-American Musical Disaster by Tim Kelly

An hilarious, fast-paced, eye-popping farce. In this play (suprisingly not actually a musical), Film producer Junior Dover (Jr.) hasn't made a picture since his last flop. But his latest project has everything. Junior induces every major Hollywood star, a few has-beens, and even a maybe, to appear by tailoring separate scripts to meet each star's personal requirements. How Junior manages to stay one jump ahead of disaster makes this play a champion laugh-getter! This is Hollywood, after all! Anything can happen, and does! All the parts give a comically ludicrous sweep to the legend that is Hollywood!

Director: Jaelyn Silvey

Rehearsals start March 26, 2019.

Performances are May 10-11, Fridays at 7pm, and Saturdays at 3 & 7pm.

Middle school teens in last season's production of  I Hate Shakespeare .  Recent shows include:  I Hate Shakespeare  (2018),  Lighter Shade of Noir  (2017),  Middle Class  (2016).

Middle school teens in last season's production of I Hate Shakespeare.

Recent shows include: I Hate Shakespeare (2018), Lighter Shade of Noir (2017), Middle Class (2016).

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