Our Philosophy

Verge Theater envisions a community strengthened by theater education. We see individuals nurtured, challenged, and radically accepted through the creative process. We believe that when making theater together, we can learn how to make community, to turn mistakes into treasures, and to shape ourselves into both the people that we want to be and the leaders our community needs! That's why we work to ensure access to the process of theater-making for all of our community.

Our educational programming helps nurture self-confident, problem-solving citizens and grow community. We create supportive spaces for self-expression and self-reflection as well as to develop individuals’ abilities to think critically and feel empathetically. We also create an inviting community in which everyone feels valued and has the opportunity to practice collaboration and communication.

But this magic only happens when YOU come and enjoy a class with us. Here's your chance!

Click here to learn more about what to expect from Verge classes! And if you want to learn more about our improv philosophy, click here!


For Adults

At Verge, we know how important it is for adults to have a space to continue to learn and PLAY! Come connect with a community committed to exploration, life-long growth, and radical inclusion. Open to all levels of experience, whether you are hoping to make some friends, challenge yourself with something new, or simply love performing... these classes are for you!

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For Teens

Theater gives teens a chance to challenge themselves, take creative risks, and explore who they are and who they want to be. Through theater, teens express their individuality, develop skills for the future, and make life-long friends. At Verge Theater, we focus on creating an exciting and supportive process which invites teens to build compassionate community.

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For Kids

At Verge Theater, we believe in the power of make-believe! We know that when we play together, we can learn together.Our kids' classes create a safe and encouraging environment for your children to explore, express themselves, and take creative risks. While participants learn about theater, they also develop social/emotional skills and friendships.

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Verge in the Schools

Find out how you can infuse your classroom or school with the resiliency-building power of theater education!


Verge in the Community

Verge Theater is more than a venue where art is performed. It is a community!

Whether supporting teachers to bring theater into their classroom, or partnering with other non-profits to promote community and acceptance, we actively bring our programs outside of Verge's physical walls to include more people in Gallatin Valley and beyond.


Special Offerings

Theater is a huge field! We could offer a class every hour of every day and still not cover it all. But you can have a taste! Verge is committed to offering a variety of learning opportunities. See the latest thing here!



Verge Theater offers partial and full scholarships to individuals and families in need. Anyone who wants to take a class is welcome to do so, regardless of their ability to pay. Contact jessie@vergetheater.com to learn more — or to sponsor a kid, teen or adult in our education program.


Meet Our Instructors