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Flora & Ulysses

This isn't "just" children's theater. This is whole family theater. For one, the script addresses some of the tough moments families go through without flinching or talking down to us. Secondly, its characters are models of resiliency. Flora & Ulysses also isn't short on entertainment. After all, it stars a 10-year-old cynic and a flying squirrel poet (yes, you read that correctly) as they embark on an adventure full of other quirky characters that's bursting with heart!

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We've created a new, interactive, problem-solving adventure for the whole family. We're ever-so-creatively calling it PLAY. When you come to PLAY at Verge, you'll laugh, learn, connect and grow together as you and other families in the theater team up to complete a story as it is being acted out on stage.

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Packed with physical comedy, this sweet, inventive play explores the power of friendship and shows how, with a little imagination and acceptance, companionship is everywhere. This show has interactive components designed to engage and delight all participants as well as encourage them to develop their resourcefulness.

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