At Verge, you can join a community of passionate volunteers, make friends and support the creation of amazing art... all while serving your community. You also score a free ticket for that night's performance when you work a show. So get on in here!


Theater Roles Needed

Box office volunteer

This is an easy way to earn two free tickets to the show you're volunteering for — so you and a friend can enjoy Verge goodness for free! Easy work, and we train! It’ll look good on your resumé, too!

Concessions volunteer

This is an easy way to earn two free tickets to the show you're volunteering for — so you and a friend can enjoy Verge goodness for free! Concession volunteers need to have an active liquor license (which you can get after taking a two-hour-long online course and we will cover your costs).

Back of House Manager

Are you even remotely handy with things like a paintbrush and a drill? We are in need of someone to take on the task of maintaining the theater and helping to build sets. Usually that means working with other volunteers to bring a director's vision to life, as well as giving the stage and the walls behind the theater a fresh coat of flat black paint every now and again. It's as time-consuming as you want it to be, as there's always something happening here, but it wouldn't have to take more than a few hours a month if that's all you can spare. But please get in touch, as our executive director isn't terribly good at this stuff (and should really be out fundraising anyway).

Front of house assistant manager

Wanna work with the best in the business? Assist Mistress Hope Bugni, Verge's amazing volunteer Front of House Manager, with all things box office, concessions, volunteer organizing and more. If you have a few hours every weekend or so to give, why not do it here where you can laugh and play with an amazing gang of people?


Directing at Verge is fun, fulfilling and (mostly) free of frustration. We work hard to support our directors and to cheer on their vision for a particular show. Artistic freedom, built-in rehearsal space and the chance to direct in one of the most compelling spaces in Bozeman? Yes, please!

Tech talent

We need people who know (or are willing to learn) how to run sound and lights for shows. It's super easy. If that's you, please let us know!

Stage managers

Verge is the ideal place to learn how to stage manage. If you’re stage management-curious, hit us up right away to learn more about what the role looks like here. We even have a few openings at the moment for upcoming productions, so don’t hesitate!

Lighting Designer

Lots of people can hang lights. We need artists who paint with them. If that's you, let's talk.

Property manager

Are you great with props, whether that's finding just the right one or keeping what you've got itemized and in its place? Then we need to talk. Seriously. You should see our prop room. #help

Costume manager

We would be so happy to have someone serve as our resident costume manager! We are completing a costume inventory, but it will need care and maintenance, as will the pieces themselves.

website high priestess/overlord

We'd love some help keeping this newfangled website up to date! Familiarity of SquareSpace is a plus, though it's simple enough to pick up.

Member of our Board of directors

Want to be a part of the process from step one? We are always looking for dedicated board members who are excited to share their passion, expertise and leadership to grow our community and work towards our mission. Learn more about our current board members here.


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