Improv Classes for Teens

Improv is about working together to create something that has never existed before! Our classes introduce students to and aid in establishing a solid improvisational foundation by focusing on the principles of acceptance, listening, and creative collaboration. Teens will be challenged to trust their ideas and work as a team to create art and practice valuable life skills.

Why improv

Because performers make it up as their go along, improv teaches us to trust our ideas and to trust each other. When we encourage teens to create an improv scene we are communicating to them that their ideas are valid and that their opinions matter! This sort of radical acceptance not only leads to good improv, it also cultivates courageous, confident youth!

Improv is full of mistakes. Failure is simply part of the learning process (and artistic process)! When we give teens the opportunity to fail, to learn from that failure, and to try again, we nurture their resilience and persistence.

Communication is key to good improv. When you are working together to create something from nothing, listening and non-verbal awareness are vital. During improv, teens develop communication skills that will serve them throughout their life.

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Beginner class

In this class, participants are introduced to and develop fundamental improv skills, primarily through short form games and exercises. This class is designed to be taken multiple times. Participants will...

  1. Learn to feel comfortable on stage and with their classmates

  2. Develop cooperative storytelling techniques, including Yes/And

  3. Learn how to support, listen, and accept and give gifts

  4. Learn how to develop characters and relationships

  5. Learn how to collectively elevate the story to an entertaining, even zany level

Intermediate and Advanced class

This class builds upon the foundations of the Beginner and Intermediate Class. Enrollment must be approved by the programs director or instructor. Participants will...

  1. Be introduced to long form

  2. Continue to practice their foundational skills

  3. Practice self-reflection and critic

  4. Learn to perform three person scenes

  5. Develop their ability to establish clear points of view for characters and utilize emotion

  6. Develop their ability to embody characters through physical performance and emotive expression

fall Session

When: Sep. 16th-Nov. 11th. The Beginner class meets from 4-5:30pm. The Intermediate/Advanced class meets from 5:30-7:00pm.

Where: Classes meet in Unit G, and perform their final showcase in the theater.

Instructor: Tyler Tennant

Cost: Tuition is $150 (Scholarships and payment plans available!)

registration is full for the beginner class. winter registration opens in December.

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