Kate Britton, Lead Instructor


Storytelling is vital to Kate. She believes that is how humans find, and make meaning in their journey through life. A native to the west, she then brought her mountain energy along to live in London, Los Angeles, and New York for fifteen years. She's now returned home to Montana, and is eager to be a part of this community.

She has worked on many projects over the years as an actor, writer, and collaborator. As an instructor she was a part of the after school drama program A Creative Space in Los Angeles, directing musical theater productions for up to forty-five elementary aged kids at seven different local schools. For School Days at the Theatricum Botanicum she was was in charge of preparing Junior High and High School students to see productions of Shakespeare, making school visits all throughout Los Angeles, giving historical information and context, and leading the students in performing their own interpretations of plays. She was also an instructor for the acting program BB's Kids in Los Angeles, teaching improv, movement, and scene study. In Central Coast, Australia she was an acting instructor for The Mad Cow Theatre Co. In Montana she started an acting program for Junior High students called Acting Up that culminated in a showcase performance for the community. She was also part of a Theater in Education (TIE) group that used theater to teach curriculum all throughout Montana.

Favorite acting projects include the beautiful Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga, CA, various Sci-Fi films killing robots, and being attacked by jellyfish monsters, the hilarious web series Uncharted, being a half animated Mad Scientist in Cartoon Network's Team Toon, hosting the Britney Spears show at Madame Tussaud's in London, and a role in the HBO pilot Spring/Fall. She's produced and directed several one act play festivals in New York, and worked various positions on film sets from acting to costuming to set and art design.

Kate is excited to discover, and nurture all of the talent and creativity already alive in Bozeman!