Incongruous: Short Works by Greg Owens

Verge Theater is proud to celebrate playwright Greg Owens’ 30th anniversary as a playwright with staged readings of new short works. Incongruous: Short Works by Greg Owens will be performed at Verge Theater by friends and family on Saturday, November 24th at 7PM.

With the offbeat humor and intelligence for which the work of this 20-year Bozeman resident has been praised around the country, Owens spins tales of a grieving Goth teen bonding with her retired neighbor lady through karate, a troubled college student who tries to save the relationship of his surrogate parents by building a time machine, and an agoraphobic writer whose life is transformed by stolen underwear. 

Eight short works in all reflect the versatility of the playwright, whose work has been described as “a welcome return to the American folk tradition of storytelling” (Chicago Reader), “an unexpectedly rich portrait of American hope” (Los Angeles Times), and “something Hunter S. Thompson might have thought up on a hallucinogenic trip in a stolen Caddie in Vegas” (The Ryder Magazine).

The staged readings will be performed by an all-star local cast including Kent Davis, Kari Doll, Bennett Drozic, Lila Michael, Eiseley and Lorelei Michael-Owens, Alex Miller, and E.J. Porth.

The event is being held as a fundraiser to support scholarships for Verge Theater’s education program, which helps nurture self-confident, problem-solving citizens and grow community.  Suggested donation is $10 per person.

This show is recommended for teens and adults.

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