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Verge is honored to present the five-time Tony Award-winning Best Musical Fun Home, a refreshingly honest, wholly original musical about seeing your parents through grown-up eyes. Based on the graphic novel by Alison Bechdel and featuring Jeanine Tesori Lisa Kron's Tony Award-winning score and book (played by a live band!), Fun Home will leave you breathless. But don't take our word for it. Ask the critics: 

"A rare beauty, extraordinary and heart-gripping." -Ben Brantley, The New York Times

"The best musical of the season." -New York Magazine.

"Few shows are as moving, relatable, and funny." -Associated Press. 

"The Best Broadway Musical in years, with the finest score in a decade." -Huffington Post. 

$23 per ticket, or email us to volunteer and get in free!

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Photos courtesy of the amazing Tim Stiller, The Big Event Photography

That was the most incredible performance I may ever see.
— Audience member
This show for me hit the Broadway caliber and every person sang with beauty, grace, intention and the full range of emotions. The children were no exception; they could easily get a part on Broadway and kill it. The directing, acting singing and flow of the show had a pure beauty rarely seen anywhere. Thank you for the hard work, it paid off BIG!!!♡♡♡
— Audience member
Best play I’ve seen in a long time.
— Audience member
Fun Home is raising the bar at the Verge. Thank you! So moving!
— Preview audience member
Heartwarming and heartbreaking in equal measure. Absolutely lovely.
— Preview audience member
I just wanted to say WOW! What a gorgeous and moving show you’ve put together. The arc of the show is so clear and everyone’s doing such nice, honest work. The moment where Small Alison sings “Maybe not right now” about changing her clothes... Why don’t you just kill me right there? The set and lights are beautiful.

The (live) music is incredible! The band sounds great and it blends so well with what the actors are doing onstage. Really really incredible work. Thank you so much for the experience.
— Preview audience member
Such a wonderful, funny, heart-wrenching, well done production. I encourage everyone to go.
— Audience member
Incredible cast! Thank you!
— Preview audience member
Buy your tickets NOW. Like, right now. This was phenomenal. Congrats to an amazing cast, crew, and musicians as well as Verge Theater for an incredible production!
— Audience member
The show was great and your cast did a wonderful job. I can’t get over what you all can do on your stage – big show, big talent – I think you nailed the production aspect. Thank you for the show!
— Preview audience member
One of the most touching shows I have seen in years!
— Preview audience member
This is a love letter to Kip Savoie: Thank you for pouring out your heart and soul into Fun Home. I love you for it. And I love that you brought it to our very special stage at Verge Theater. ... It is a show bigger than anything that has ever graced that tiny, yet ever so magical stage.

I may not have shared the specific experiences of the characters that I was really, just plain lucky to encounter tonight, but I certainly shared their emotions: so purely and strongly and distinctly. Thank you Kip Savoie, and all who dared to bare their souls in this beautiful show, in this powerful little theater. Enjoy your run!!! You deserve to find so much peace and joy in this work.
— Erin Roberg
Dec. 10, 2018: The cast of  Fun Home  assembles for its first read-thru! Thanks to everyone who donated to the  Fun Home  Fund so we could have scripts and scores and rights to this amazing musical. #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork

Dec. 10, 2018: The cast of Fun Home assembles for its first read-thru! Thanks to everyone who donated to the Fun Home Fund so we could have scripts and scores and rights to this amazing musical. #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork

kip savoie, director

Alison: Erin Tope
Small Alison: Amelia Glover
Medium Alison: Alison Dumas
Bruce Bechdel: Erik Pearson
Helen Bechdel: Hannah Meeks
Christian Bechdel: Truman Dickerson
John Bechdel: Charlie Dickerson
Roy/Mark/Pete/Bobby Jeremy: Roerick Sweeney
Joan: Sam Pedersen

Stage and Props Manager: Jess Lee
Lighting Designer: Julie Seitel
Costumer: Aspen Hougen
Choreographer: Stevie Peterson
Sound Designer: KC Luchsinger
Vocal Coaching: Heidi Krutchkoff, Justin Guarini
Set Design and Construction: Ritchie Boyd, Kip Savoie
Sound Tech: Dan McLain
Lighting Tech: Tia Curtiss
Lighting Assistant: Michael Duran
Stagehand: Antonio Cabrera

Piano: Lori Rosolowsky
Bass: Anna Hatcher
Cello: Katherine Lee
Drums: Spenser Potter
Guitar: Kyle Sorenson
Woodwinds: Kimberly Wester

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