Improv classes for adults

Improv is about working together to create something that has never existed before! Our classes introduce students to and aid in establishing a solid improvisational foundation by focusing on the principles of acceptance, listening, and creative collaboration.

These classes will challenge you to rethink your assumptions about what you can't do. Sign up to meet new friends and have a blast!

We offer classes for every level of experience, and all of our classes help build confidence in public speaking, thinking on your toes, and having fun on stage in a supportive environment. This is a progressive curriculum with 5 levels and students are expected to take Level 1 before graduating to advanced classes. Classes are once a week for 9 weeks and conclude with a class demonstration open to friends and family.

Tuition is $200 (We offer scholarships!)

This winter, we are offering levels 1-4...

Level One: Intro to Improv

Our intro to improvisation course focuses on having fun and learning the basics of improv through short form games. You will...

  1. Learn to feel comfortable on stage and with their classmates

  2. Develop cooperative storytelling techniques, including Yes/And

  3. Learn how to support, listen, and accept and give gifts

  4. Learn how to collectively elevate the story to an entertaining, even zany level

Offered 5-7 pm Sundays, March 31-May 19.


Level Three: Next Step in long form

This long-form class helps students work together to develop longer, organic story-lines. You will...

  1. Learn to perform three person scenes

  2. Learn to establish clear points of view for characters and utilize emotion

  3. Learn to self-edit scenes, using cut-to and scene sweeping

  4. Learn to embody characters through physical performance and emotive expression

Offered 5-7 pm Sundays, March 31-May 19.

Level two: Scene Work

In this class, we delve deeper into improvisational scene work by focusing on building relationships, environment, action, and a storyline. You will...

  1. Learn to break down scenes and identify the who, what, where of the story

  2. Learn to build relationships on stage

  3. Be introduced to long-form, focusing on two person scenes

  4. Learn to incorporate levels and environment into story telling

  5. Learn to show rather than merely tell the progression of the story

Offered 7-9 pm Sundays, March 31-May 19.


Level Four: Advanced long form

In this class, students will begin to explore various styles of long-form improv. They will delve into finding the game and patterns of storytelling. . You will...

  1. Learn to edit scenes independently.

  2. Learn to consistently incorporate objects and environments into story.

  3. Perform advanced long-form utilizing their mastery of “yes and,” listening, accepting and giving gifts, and developing “what is different about today?” to consistently move the scene forward.

Offered 7-9 pm Sundays, March 31-May 19.

Special offering!!!

Saturdays with Annie and Levin

For all experience levels, these stand alone workshops will develop your skills, introduce you to new concepts, and expand your understanding of improv and of yourself as a performer!


100% of participants last year said they would recommend our classes to a friend!

Here are a few reasons why...

“It was so much fun. Great games. Great coaching. Learned about myself. Met great people. Enhanced my creativity and risk taking.”

“A supportive atmosphere that allowed vulnerability and consequently close connections with fellow classmates.”

"[Our instructor] is very good at recognizing the unique strengths of his students and encouraging us to push the boundaries of our comfort level. His enthusiasm is unparalleled."

“I found improv to be a sort of therapy, a way to get out of my head, to be in the present moment, to let go of whatever stresses I was holding on to, and to be honest, real, and authentically me. Top that with being surrounded by people that truly felt supportive and were also putting themselves out there, it more often than not turned out to be the highlight of my week. Long story short…I feel it makes me a better person, or more accurately said, more of my true self without all the fear and baggage I normally roll around with in my day to day. And to add one last thing…it makes me happy and one more happier person in the world is a damn good thing.”


Meet the instructors...