Improv classes for adults

Improv is about working together to create something that has never existed before! Our classes introduce students to and aid in establishing a solid improvisational foundation by focusing on the principles of acceptance, listening, and creative collaboration.

We believe improv is at its best when the players are fully present with and for one another and when we give ourselves permission to play. It just so happens that the skills that make great improv are also valuable to our life off the stage.

These classes will challenge you to rethink your assumptions about what you can't do. Sign up to meet new friends and have a blast!

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Tuition is $200 (We offer scholarships!)

Fall Classes

Starting in the fall, we are rolling out our new curriculum

Everyone loves improv classes at Verge. But that doesn’t mean we stop innovating. Over the past several years, we have been listening for ways we can meet our students’ needs even better. Based on what we have heard, we decided to revise our curriculum. And boy, are we excited!

Starting this fall, we are moving away from a leveled system, offering a topic-based structure. By offering classes that focus on a certain skill or branch of improv, we hope to give students more flexibility about when and what classes they take, and more opportunities to work with a variety of classmates.

We will still offer Intro to Improv as well as classes for a variety of experience levels.

If you want to learn more about the curriculum, contact Dani!


Classes start September 15th and run through November 10th. The final class is an open demo performance for friends and family.

Tuition is $200, scholarships and payment plans are available.

intro to improv

Offered Sundays from 5-7PM

Instructor: Beezy Noonan

During this nine-week class, students will...

  1. Learn to feel comfortable on stage and with their classmates

  2. Develop cooperative storytelling techniques, including Yes/And

  3. Learn how to support, listen, and accept and give gifts 

  4. Develop a basic vocabulary and understanding of improv concepts and strategies

  5. HAVE FUN!

improv(e) your scene

Offered Sundays from 5-7PM

Instructor: Paige Johbnson

During this nine-week class, students will…

  1. Build on the foundational skills they developed in Intro to Improv, continuing to practice listening, accepting, heightening, and  giving gifts)

  2. Develop a collaborative teamwork skills with their classmates

  3. Add to their working vocabulary

  4. Dissect and explore qualities of an effective 2-person scene, and develop skills and strategies for 2-person scenes.

  5. HAVE FUN!


Environment did not fill, this class will be offered again in the future.

During this nine-week class, students will …

  1. Develop their ability to listen actively

  2. Practice mindfulness and being present with each other on stage

  3. Practice communicating through physical action 

  4. Develop their attention to and retention of details 

  5. HAVE FUN!

Meet the instructors…


100% of participants surveyed said they would recommend our classes to a friend!

Here are a few reasons why...

“It was so much fun. Great games. Great coaching. Learned about myself. Met great people. Enhanced my creativity and risk taking.”

“A supportive atmosphere that allowed vulnerability and consequently close connections with fellow classmates.”

"[Our instructor] is very good at recognizing the unique strengths of his students and encouraging us to push the boundaries of our comfort level. His enthusiasm is unparalleled."

“I found improv to be a sort of therapy, a way to get out of my head, to be in the present moment, to let go of whatever stresses I was holding on to, and to be honest, real, and authentically me. Top that with being surrounded by people that truly felt supportive and were also putting themselves out there, it more often than not turned out to be the highlight of my week. Long story short…I feel it makes me a better person, or more accurately said, more of my true self without all the fear and baggage I normally roll around with in my day to day. And to add one last thing… it makes me happy and one more happier person in the world is a damn good thing.”