As a nonprofit, our list of needs is long. If you can help at all, we would be most grateful!
AND you would receive a receipt for your tax-deductible donation!


Patron of the arts

We need someone with amazing vision… someone who sees the life-changing, community-enriching work that we do and wants to give us, say, $30,000. Or give $3.5 million and endow our theater for life.

Hey, if we don’t ask…


New curtains for the theater

We are in desperate need of black curtains to replace the ones we have used for years in the theater. We'd also love a set of red or maroon ones. Any chance you've got some, or would be willing to help us purchase the fabric to make them? The ones we have right now are ratty AF. Help!


New carpet for the theater & lobby

Any chance you own a carpet company or would spring for us to work with one to re-carpet the theater and/or the lobby? The carpet has seen better days. Thousands and thousands of better days.


A truck

We move things…big things! Often! If you have an old truck that is just chilling in your drive way, we will give it a second home and new purpose. Donate your beater truck and get a tax donation!!!


Music Stands

We could really use some simple music stands!


Electronic keyboard

Turns out it’s bad for pianos if you roll them between Unit G and the theater routinely. A keyboard would be a life (and a back!) saver.


It takes $500 a day to run Verge Theater, and because we keep our ticket prices low and offer scholarships to anyone who needs one for our classes, we rely on our #VergeFam to help us make up the difference. Is there any way you could sponsor a day at Verge? Whether you’re able to give $42 a month or $500 outright, we need your help. Click here to turn your money into an amazing community building experience via our little community theater. #VergeRunsOnYOU

Monetary gifts