Infuse your classroom with the power of theater! At Verge, we understand that when children play, they learn. Theater is uniquely suited to facilitate student-driven learning, nurture curiosity and academic courage, and to develop trust within a classroom.

All children deserve to have their voices valued and their imaginations encouraged. All children deserve access to arts education. We are committed to working with teachers and school communities to make this a reality.

Here are some of the ways we are currently bringing our expertise as drama educators to local schools:

Improv Workshops Series — Improv helps students develop valuable social and emotional skills, such as self-regulation, empathy, and self-trust. Improv is also ideal for supporting development of verbal, listening, and literacy skills.

Partnering with Teachers to Use Drama-informed Pedagogy in Their Classroom — We help teachers incorporate theater games, activities, and methodologies into their lesson plans to engage and challenge students.

New Curriculum — We are constantly developing new curriculum to better serve students, teachers, and school communities. We are currently partnering with a Bozeman School District kindergarten-readiness program to develop an early childhood drama curriculum for local preschools.

What teachers have to say...

"It was an AMAZING opportunity for kids to be kids! To play, explore, and learn some real life skills along the way! Very impressed! The Verge instructor was warm and welcoming to the students to invite kids (even the shy friends) to interact and play."
"I loved watching my kiddos step out of their comfort zones! I also appreciated the opportunity for early exposure to an art form not usually offered to elementary age students."
"They really enjoyed the imagination and movement aspect. It was great for my shy or low-performing kids to feel successful and know that all their ideas and contributions were as important as everyone else's."

Meet our instructors...