Tyler Tennant

Tyler Headshot.jpg

Tyler's passions lie in collaborative storytelling, creativity, spontaneity, and fun! He fell into improv through a series of fortunate events and has loved the places and people it has led him to.

His experience started later in his life, with an improv troop at college in Portland, Oregon. He fell in love with the art form and quickly became a part of the school's competition team, traveling to Seattle three separate times to compete in the College Improv Tournament. Since then, he has worked with the international musical improv troupe, Baby Wants Candy, during two consecutive Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, first as an intern and then as an Associate Producer.

Improv has given Tyler skills to tackle day to day challenges that only collaboration can conquer, it has opened him up to new opportunities and experiences, and it has helped him trust not only others but also himself. He hopes that he can bring just a few of those powerful things to Verge and help grow (and grow with) the community.