Paige Johnson

Paige Johnson began taking improvisation classes at The Verge Theater (then the Equinox Theatre) in 2010 and has been hooked ever since! After completing all levels of the curriculum, she joined the first main stage improv troupe which is still performing today; the Bozeman Improverts. Paige began teaching the children’s improv classes in 2012, and has now begun to tackle the big kids-- teaching adult classes. Gravitating towards character development and environment work, Paige loves to lose herself on stage and hopes to do improv until she’s 90!

Paige’s teaching style:

“I am a laid-back teacher whose aim is to create a space of support, personal connections, and fun! My passion for improv revolves around character development and environment work, which I try to foster in people taking my classes. Additionally, I hope to instill a sense of personal exploration through my guidance in improv class-- I love to see people push themselves and their acting abilities through improvisation and discover talents they never knew they had!”