Mac Miller

Mac first got into theatre at the age of 9 when he went to Equinox Theatre Camp. After his years as a camper, Mac went onto being an intern there while in high school. In his teens, Mac has performed in many plays for his school and for Verge Theatre. Mac’s relationship with Verge began when he was in elementary school. He participated in multiple improv and musical workshops. From there, he enjoyed being in several high school plays, a family matinee, several Silly Moose performances, and teen improv. Over the summer of 2018, Mac was instructor for Verge’s summer residency program, in which he taught improv. Currently a film student at MSU, Mac plans to attend Loyola University Chicago in the fall to study creative writing.

For Mac, theatre has been a place to relieve stress, while at the same time being an avenue for self-discovery and self-improvement. So, he is excited to share what theatre offers with the actors of the next generation!