Jessie Sherman


Jessie is Verge's Programs Director. She grew up in Bozeman, where she was lucky to have the mountains and the theater as her playground. In Teen Theater at the Verge (then Equinox Theater), she discovered her passion not only for performing but for the collaborative process. Jessie received her BA in Theatre Arts and English from the University of Minnesota, Morris and her MA in Applied Theatre: Drama in Communities and Drama Education from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama at the University of London. She has taught theater for all ages ranging from 4 to 94, and in a diversity of communities including the Flathead Reservation in Montana and a school in Tamil Nadu, India. 

Jessie knows theater can be a positive force in the lives of individuals by cultivating a connection between gut, head, and heart. Theater-making can help us cultivate stronger self-trust, self-motivation, and self-discipline. As a collaborative art form, theater requires its makers to rely on each other. With this trust, we can more easily solve problems together, communicate clearly, and work through moments when communication is muddled. Theater helps us grow! Jessie is excited to offer a supportive community in which we learn from theater.