Check out these unique classes and workshops. These provide a special opportunity for you to try something new and learn from and with a variety of experts!

Science of Laughter

An immersion in physical theater through the absurd logic of the Clown.


Clowning is not exclusively about red noses, white faces and "clown costumes". Comedy and clowning evolves as our society does, and helps us to understand not only our society but our true human nature.

In The Science of Laughter, the students are invited to discover and explore those elements that makes something "funny". What makes people laugh? Timing, contrast and conflict, accidents and many other elements that are always present in daily life, but we don't pay much attention because we are focused on looking good, being smart, and acting cool.

Guided by Paúl Gomez (MA in Physical Theater from Academy Dimitri and founder of 406Cirque/Bozeman Cirque School) the students will be sailing the waters of physical theater, flowing through the currents of comedy and overcoming the waves of stage freight.

Classes meet Tuesdays starting January 29 and runs for 6 weeks (until March 5).

Tuition is $150.

Saturdays with Annie & Levin

Play with Professional Improvisors for an afternoon… or five!

This winter, Annie and Levin O’Connor will share their wealth of experience as improvisors and teachers. For all experience levels, these stand alone workshops will develop your skills, introduce you to new concepts, and expand your understanding of improv and of yourself as a performer! Each Saturday focuses on a specific topic. These workshops are Saturdays from 1-5pm in Unit G

Join us November 3rd for…

Improvise Naked: When we learn how to improvise we cling to suggestions, rules and guidelines to help us feel safe and grounded. Improv is about impulse and listening to those impulses, but playing impulsively is scary. Do you find yourself premeditating what you will do when you enter? Do you practice characters and bits in the car on the way to your class or show? In this 4 hour workshop we will begin to explore the skills that allow us as performers to let go of our inhibitions and rules and truly improvise. Through simple practices in listening and building we can let go of our needs for suggestions, rule and guidelines and begin to truly PLAY. Take off all those pesky improv clothes and run free with us. Improvise Naked. 

complete list of topics…

November 3, 2018: Improvise Naked — Participants will practice letting go of the need for fast and heavy labeling and preloading ideas. Be in the moment and listen to what is there.

December 8, 2018: The Power of Pattern — Participants will learn how to build, recognize and heighten a pattern for stronger more complete scenes

January 12, 2019: The Devil’s in the Details — Participants will develop techniques for stronger, richer specificity in scenes.

February 2, 2019: Subtlety of Character — Participants will learn ways to develop more realistic and sustainable characters in improv.

March 9, 2019: Long Form Scene Work — Breaking down strategies for initiating, crafting, and connecting long form scene

Tuition is $75 per workshop. Scholarships are available!

Meet the instructors…

from the past…

The following workshops and classes have been offered before at Verge. Let us know if these excited you! With enough interest, we can bring them back or add them to our regular rotation!

Character Creation through Mask Exploration

Exploring WHO WE ARE within the Family of Humanity!

Participants in this class will be led in a productive, safe environment to develop their own sense of creativity and risk-taking, enabling them to create full characters while also developing their innate acting skills.

Participants use 30 professionally created character masks to develop their ability to breathe new life into your character work by making surprising, insightful, and more deeply investigated choices through the creation of masked characters, the archetypes of humanity.

All experience levels are welcome and encouraged to participate!