The little black box on the edge of Bozeman needs YOU! Whether you want to contribute on-stage or off, we have a place for everyone. And our focus on the PROCESS of theater making means it's always fun to volunteer here. Because that's how it should be.


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Verge holds 100% open auditions, and our audition process reflects our values of inclusion and community (read: Don't be nervous. Well, you can be a little nervous, because that's natural for some people, but know that you're among friends). You can have zero experience and audition, you can have just come from the Great White Way and audition. Doesn't matter to us. We just want you here!



At Verge, you can join a community of passionate volunteers, make friends and support the creation of amazing art... all while serving your community. It's zany fun, and it feels so good to be needed! (Hint: YOU'RE NEEDED!)

Want to Submit a Play or an Idea for a Show?

Verge LOVES hearing from playwrights and other creative folk. We want your ideas! Get in touch here and we'll it you right back to connect.

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Short on time but still want to help? EASY PEASY. Send money! Your tax-deductible donation to our nonprofit changes lives. What better use of your hard-earned money could there be? And the need is real: Verge relies on you and generous souls like you to donate $150,000 each year. We use these funds to pay staff and instructors, cover our rent and utilities, purchase rights to our shows and more. #PleaseHelp #BeAHero #VivaLaVerge


So, it turns out running a theater 365 days a year requires a bunch of stuff. Obscure props. Random tools. Not to mention regular old office equipment. Here's our Wish List of things that would make Verge run smoother. If you've got it and would like to donate it to us, we would kiss you! You can even write it off on your taxes. Win/win!