Hi there. We're Verge Theater, and we're so glad you stopped by.

In case you're not familiar with us, we're the zesty booch version of community theater. We create plays that are funky and brave, all with our fantastic volunteers, and offer life-altering theater classes for kids, teens and adults. 


That's WHAT we do... but the thing that everybody loves about Verge is HOW we do it.

We have created a culture of radical inclusion, so that everyone who comes to see a show, performs on stage or takes a class is met with open arms. This kind of support helps them grow into their most amazing selves. It also sparks friendships between people who might otherwise not have connected. And growing connection grows community.

And now you're here, too. Fantastic.

Welcome to the #VergeFam.


What we aim for and how we are getting there

Our Vision

Verge’s black box theater welcomes all people to take part in the joy of theater and theatermaking, helping to nurture self-confident, problem-solving citizens and grow community.

Our Mission

Verge Theater’s mission is to create offbeat, thought-provoking, heart-inspiring theater that is masterful in execution, empowering to children, teens and adults, and evocative of our vibrant local community.


We are a community!

Here are some of the incredible people who make up that community! Learn more here.

The BoZeman Improverts

As Herman Melville noted, "A good laugh is a mighty good thing, a rather too scarce a good thing." Not at Verge Theater, where the Bozeman Improverts reign over the Gallatin Valley's funny bones.

Yes, we really have fit 25 people on that tiny stage!

Yes, we really have fit 25 people on that tiny stage!

Unit G Rehearsal Stage

Unit G Rehearsal Stage


Our Black Box Theater

Verge Theater is a tiny black box theater. Just 99 souls can co-exist at any one time in the space. As a result, it's the most intimate theater performance space in town. Learn more here.

Unit G is Verge Theater's rehearsal and office space. It's just down the strip mall from the theater proper, in Suite G. But UNIT G sounds so much cooler. Come see us!



Just like the rest of the Verge community, we're committed to including everyone. Learn more here.


Rent our space for our event

We've got the best rates in town and we're happy to rent to you.  Learn more here.


Our Sponsors

sponsors help keep this theater running...

As a non-profit, Verge Theater relies on sponsors and donors. Please let these companies and organizations  know how much you appreciate their support of Verge Theater!

Grants help us keep our programming accessible to you and your neighbors...

Theater programming can be expensive, especially if you are committed to paying instructors a fair wage. Thanks to grants from the following foundations and agencies, Verge is able to continue its values-driven programming. We can offer full and partial scholarships, play our instructors a fair wage, and provide quality programming for all participants.

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