What makes Verge Theater so unique? Glad you asked.

Verge Theater is a tiny black box theater. Just 99 souls can co-exist at any one time in the space, meaning if there's 17 people on stage at once (remember The Producers?), and one person running the tech booth, that leaves room for just 81 seats. As a result, it's the most intimate theater performance space in town.

That means you can get really connected here, both to the material and to your fellow audience members. 

If you've seen a show here, you know. But even science says so. A study at University College London has shown that an audience's heartbeats sync up while watching live theater. "Experiencing the live theatre performance was extraordinary enough to overcome group differences and produce a common physiological experience in the audience members," says Dr. Joseph Devlin, Head of Experimental Psychology.

So imagine yourself tucked inside a gem of a theater on Bozeman's north side, creating community, one heartbeat at a time. Or don't imagine it... buy tickets now and experience it for yourself! (Or volunteer and the ticket is on us!)

The theater also is available for rental.  Click here to learn more!

The theater also is available for rental. Click here to learn more!

99 souls. One room. #howtostoptime

Our community gathers here to laugh, grow, play and connect. If you haven't treated yourself to a stop at the little black box on the edge of Bozeman, now's the time. Whether you like dramas, comedies, musicals or improv, we've got just the thing to lift your spirits.

We accept Master Card, Visa and American Express as well as Google and Apple Pay, and serve beer and alcohol to those 21 and over.