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Auditions will be Saturday, January 12 from 1-5PM at Verge Theater (2304 N. 7th Ave., Bozeman)
Performance dates: Saturdays and Sundays, March 30-April 14 at 3PM

What is this show all about? Balloonacy is Barry Kornhauser's remarkable play which invites us to imagine a singe balloon changing one person’s life forever. Aimed at families, particularly those with preschool-aged children, Balloonacy is a silly, tender and uplifting show. Packed with physical comedy, this sweet, inventive play explores the power of friendship and shows how, with a little imagination and acceptance, companionship is everywhere. This show has interactive components designed to engage and delight all participants as well as encourage them to develop their resourcefulness.

Cast Needed: 1 male (open to all ethnicities)

While he is described as an "Old Man" we are open to casting actors of 18+

Here is what the play has to say about the Old Man: "You’re about to meet an Old Man who lives all by himself. He doesn’t talk because, living all alone, he has no one to talk to, but he takes comfort in doing the same things in the same way every day. For example, right now the Old Man is returning from the store where he buys his daily newspaper. He will read today’s date on its front page and then get on with his day, which he will try to make like every other day. He works hard at this. Yes, he works very hard. But somewhere along the way, this Old Man forgot how to play. So even though he may be fairly comfortable, he may not be very happy." Through the course of the play (with the help of the audience) he relearns how to play.

We are looking for someone who is empathetic, playful, expressive, patient, and who loves working with children.

What to expect at auditions:

Come prepared to play and collaborate with each other! Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move, dance, jump, roll...and who knows what else. Please come at 1pm for the group auditions. If this is not possible for you, but you still want to audition, please contact the facilitator to set up a separate time to meet. After the group auditions, the facilitator will meet with each actor individually. If you would like to schedule a specific time, please email the facilitator. Come prepared to talk about why you love working with kids and what your style is when working with them. We know that this can be super hard to articulate, so no pressure! Anything you can share will help us, because the character's relationship with the kids in the audience is at the heart of the play!

Scripts are available by emailing jessie@vergetheater.com

If you have questions about the script or the character, or if you have a conflict with the audition date/time, please contact facilitator Jessie Sherman at jessie@vergetheater.com