At Verge, we know how important it is for adults to have a space to continue to learn and PLAY!

Come connect with a community committed to exploration, life-long growth, and radical inclusion!

Open to all levels of experience, whether you are hoping to make some friends, challenge yourself with something new, or simply love performing...  these classes are for you!



Improv is about creating something that has never existed before! Develop your trust in yourself, your ability to communicate, and your creative thinking skills. Connect with your classmates and have a blast!


Acting can seem intimidating, but our classes are designed for all levels! In our acting classes, participants get to know themselves as they deepen their understanding of others. Develop your connection between head, heart, and gut.

Special Offerings

Theater is a huge field! We could offer a class every hour of every day and still not cover it all. But you can have a taste! Verge is committed to offering a variety of learning opportunities.          

Here’s what our participants have to say…

"I had a great time and made some lasting friendships! I hope the Verge can continue to be a hub for the arts community in Bozeman."

“I am so impressed with the instruction I've experienced at Verge....Congrats to the entire team who has clearly put in some good work to accomplish this.”